March 9, 2010

Kristi Approved Day 6


Ok, so today I experienced my first gain in 6 days.

Weigh In:  157.6  +0.4 lbs   Total loss:  3.4 lbs

So not really earth shattering, but a little disappointing.   I will say (**this is way too much info**)  that yesterday my "monthly visitor" made an appearance.  So with that in mind I usually jump a few pounds so I am happy with .4 lbs.

I am still loving most of the food, there is one dish I really don't look forward to, but all in all...I've got to say I am really enjoying the entire plan.

I cant wait to start the weekly conference calls.  For those who know me - you know I love that sort of motivational stuff.

BY THE WAY....I was reading on the Kristi Approved website and came across this motivational booklet for goal setting by TY Bennett (A self made millionaire before he was 25) .  This is a VERY helpful review of your goal and really helps you to internalize your reasons for doing Live The Life or anything really.

I'm looking forward to my final weigh in and measurements tomorrow........STAY TUNED!

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